On view until February 15, 2025, Until it Swells makes reference to the impact of invasive species and how our impact as humans effects the coastlines we live and travel along. Installed on the building façade and responding to the site and architecture of 510 Fort Street, artist Camille Georgeson-Usher addresses Open Space’s location as it existed prior to settler contact on the Westcoast, the establishment of Fort Victoria, and what is now the Old Town. This artwork focuses on local plant life and the natural environment as a way to amplify the landscape that pre-existed the current cityscape that has been overtaken by invasive species. The aim of the artwork is to highlight the long and multidimensional history of the region—and more specifically the site—and to offer passersby a visual encounter from which they can imagine the impact of small, intentional steps, such as helping in their day to day lives to remove invasive plants like Scotch broom (cytisus scoparius).

This project is presented as part of the 2023 series Wayfinders, the ones we breathe with.  

Until it swells

ARTIST: camille georgeson-usher


October 2023-February 2025
open space, victoria, bC

Camille Georgeson-Usher, study of dried broom, gouache, 2023. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.