In Multiplicity of the Singularity, Kika Thorne invites both metaphoric and scientific explorations through her elasticized sculptural installation, the Singularity (2006-ongoing). Comprised of lycra, rare earth magnets, and aircraft cables, the form acknowledges the physicality of the gallery space and the variability of phenomenological experience. Conceived and first presented at the University of Victoria, this exhibition of the Singularity brings the work full circle. As expressed in the exhibition title, Multiplicity of the Singularity, the current installation, accompanied by video and printed documentations of previous iterations, makes tangible the historicity of this work. Preceding configurations have appeared in Vancouver, Toronto, Windsor, Huntsville, Buffalo, Berlin, and, once again, Victoria.

ARTIST: kika thorne 

April 10-June 22, 2014
ART GALLERY of greater victoria, victoria, BC

Multiplicity of the Singularity