In Another Place, And Here brings together the work of eight local, national, and international artists in an exploration of the relationships between geography, politics, identity–and photography. The exhibition takes its cues from the Dionne Brand novel that inspired its title, highlighting a shared artistic inclination to investigate the relationships between the self and place. The artists are from varied locations, and each brings a unique approach to picturing the human relationship to the environment. Yet out of this diversity emerges a very focused conversation, one that encourages the viewer to think about Vancouver Island’s coastal location and the complexities that underlie our relationships to this place. The exhibition also provides an opportunity for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to think critically about its own relationship to photographic practices, reflecting issues that continue to be widespread throughout the coastal British Columbia region, as well as the potential of photography to foster political discussions and to connect to the lived experiences of local communities.


January 24-May 31, 2015
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC

ARTISTS: Nadia Huggins, O’Neil Lawrence, Mike Andrew McLean, Meryl McMaster, Troy Moth, Dawit L. Petros, Krista Belle Stewart, and Li Xinmo 


What could she call a place that could disappear or that did not exist without the help of people? 
 –Dionne Brand, In Another Place, Not Here, 69-70