For Love, Loss & Land addresses ancestral homelands, territories of residence and global realities of the love and the loss of land. Considering these unfolding and developing histories alongside what it means to live on Indigenous lands in the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, the ongoing, uncovering of children’s graves at Residential Schools crime scenes, and expressions of love towards the lands on which we live and come from, this exhibition tenderly keeps these conversations at the forefront through the works in the gallery by Rain Cabana-Boucher and Jinny Yu and performances by Guadalupe Martinez and Manuel Axel Strain.

Prompting reflection and offering space for remembrance and respite, the gallery has been set to observe the care and attention needed to support the sensitive nature of the exhibition content, as well as the folks who come to see the show and those directly impacted. 

for love, loss & land

ARTISTs: rain cabana-boucher, guadalupe martinez, manuel axel strain & jinny yu

co-CURATORs: Eli hirtle & TOBY LAWRENCE 

August 6-october 29, 2022
open space, victoria, bC

Rain Cabana-Boucher, Laying Flowers, detail, 2019-ongoing. Image courtesy of the artist.